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NovaLift Modern and Spacious Touches in Your Homes

NovaLift is a lift solution that can be easily applied to the narrowest stairwells with its oval structure. NovaLift, one of the Glass Home Elevator series, can be safely applied up to 28 metres high and 7 stops without the need for a shaft.

Brightness and Spaciousness to Your Homes: With its oval glass doors and round glass cabin, NovaLift creates a bright and spacious environment in your homes. Unlike traditional lift models with its panoramic view and modern lines, NovaLift offers a perfect oval line and round structure in your home.

The favourite of small lifts: NovaLift is an ideal choice for those looking for a small lift while providing a panoramic view to your homes with its stylish and modern lines. It modernises your living spaces by contributing to the aesthetics and comfort of your home.

Rediscover your home with NovaLift and step into a modern, stylish and spacious living space.